Sustainability is revolutionizing companies, don't get left behind: Synesgy helps you to know your level of sustainability and provides a useful assessment to be accredited in the marketplace.

What is Synesgy?

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Synesgy enables companies to collect and manage sustainability information through an ESG self-assessment, complete with evaluation, benchmarks, and guidance on the development plan to be undertaken.
SYNESGY is CRIF global digital platform that allows any company to measure and improve their ESG compliance level, regardless of the size, industry and geography they operate in.
It is used:
- by single companies who want to begin their sustainability journey and to understand what is their current situation and what could be the next steps to improve their impact;
- by big buyers and financial institutions who want to monitor their portfolio and their supply chain, thanks to a portfolio management feature that allows to invite clients and suppliers to the platform and monitor their ESG levels in a comprehensive dashboard.







Companies of the Supply Chain


Banks and insurers

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The Methodology

The Synesgy methodology is built on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and Taxonomy guidelines and benefited from the collaboration with the Credit Ratings Agency of the CRIF Group, which for years has been incorporating ESG factors in assigning the issuer rating of non-financial companies.